The Wedding Of

Putri & Putra

True Love

"And among His Signs (greatness) is that He has created partners for you of your own kind, so that you are inclined and feel at ease towards him, and he has made between you feelings of love and affection. Verily in such is there really is Signs (of Allah) for people who think."

- Q.S. Ar-Rum: 21 -

We Are Getting Merried

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb,
To follow the Sunnah of Your Messenger in order to form a family that is sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah.
Then allow us to marry her off. Allah, allow us to arrange the affection that you have created between our sons and daughters.

Putri Pratiwi

Daughter of
Mr. Lorem Ipsum & Mrs. Lorem Ipsum


Putra Pratama

Son of
Mr. Lorem Ipsum & Mrs. Lorem Ipsum

Count The Date

Day and night change so fast, between the thrilling moments that we have never felt before. we look forward to the presence of family and friends, to witness our vows on a happy day:






October 2022

08.00 WIB

Event Location :
Mesjid Makmur Nunang
Jl. Pajagalan




October 2022

08.00 WIB

Event Location:
Mesjid Makmur Nunang
Jl. Pajagalan

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Love Story

First time meeting

Hi Mei, Thank you for being a happy month that brought me and him together. In a room, my boss introduced him as a new employee in our company. Yes, that was the first time we met. It's normal at the beginning.

Become a friend and partner

After months of working together. So often contact work matters. Over time, it turned out that he and I were very comfortable as friends and work partners. Who would have thought he turned out to be my best friend at the office. It all happened in the office. And, still the same. We're just friends.

Love grows unnoticed

I never knew. That it turned out that something was missing from me when he was away. That I actually shed tears when he said that he wanted to resign from the company.

Declaration of love

And, in September. I didn't think so either. That it turned out that I was very happy when he said not to resign. And as it turned out, I was happier when he confessed his feelings. He loves me.


Yes, it's really fast. Almost all the venues we asked were surprised because our event was on the 30th day. Everything went very fast. As soon as our hearts are equally sure to grow old together.

I love you,
and forever.

Live Streaming

Meet us virtually to witness our wedding which, God willing, will be broadcast live via our Instagram account

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We thank you for your presence and prayers

We Are Happy,
Big Family of the Bride and Groom

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Health Protocol
Without reducing respect, due to the current situation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we apologize that our wedding ceremony was held according to government regulations and instructions.


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Maintain a

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